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Animal hoods[2014-5-22]
The animal hoods are made of soft faux fur.We will buy the faux fur fabric from the specialized market when the buyer place an order.Usually,the moq is 300 meter for one color,some of faux fur fabric are in stock,we can purchase at small quantity.
Cheap animal hat[2014-5-20]
Give us a good news,our animal hats price cuts this year,and the range is very large.
Fancy hat[2013-5-30]
Yesterday,Yiwu Eton International School held a fun family activities,the children and parents a painting eggs,play games,spend Easter.
Why Snapback hat with spikes is so crazy recently?and ow much is the costs of their production for snapback hats with spikes?
Chinese cap factory specialized in custom baseball cap,send your logo to us,design your logo cap.
Welcome to Hatsgoing.We professional engaged in custom embroidered baseball cap and snapback.All hats are made in China.No matter how things change,we always do high quality cap,from material to stitch,from design to embroidered,we focus on the whole production link.
Yiwu market[2013-3-2]
Looking back at the course of development of the Yiwu market, not difficult to find new things in its infancy, no one for it is the birth of surprised, I did not expect much development prospects.
Our factory was established in 2003.Our company is the earliest design and marketing animal hat manufacturers.Initially, we set up a special department responsible for the design of a variety of animal hats.With the increase in the number of orders, our factory specializes opened up a production line for this hats.Here is the scene of our workshop, a hundred industrious workers are processing hats for a French customer.
Trapper Hats[2012-8-9]
In the cold winter,there are many headware to keep warm for us.such as:plush Animal Hatsand Knit Hats.Today,i will be density to introduce a new Hats for winter from us:hatsgoing.com. Trapper Hats,there is another name in Chinese:LEIFENG Hats.LEIFENG is a name of a great Chinese.There is something about Leifeng:This article is about the Chinese soldier and icon. Born in Wangcheng, Hunan(near the Town of Leifeng, Changsha, Hunan, named in his honour), Lei Feng was orphaned at an early age and raised under the wings of the Communist Party. He became a member in the Communist youth corps when he was young and joined a transportation unit of the People's Liberation Army at the age of twenty.
Until last year,the American market occupy most of our exports,the children and adults there almost everyone is necessary to get a animal hats in winter.As Christmas gift or birthday gift or party props.Our sales lasts long in the year.But, this year this to happen some small change.Except the United States, some of the other countries are beginning to import a lot of this kind of hat.
<1> .There are novel multifunction vase paper hat. 1.It was folded into a piece of thick paper before using,very easy to carry.Please refer to the photo 1. 2.The hat retractility is very good,suitable for all kinds of size of the head,and UNISEX. 3.It can be used as two different shape hats,Please refer to the photo 2,3. 4.If not used as a hat, it also can stick on the wall as the wall decoration,or only used as a vase. <2> .3-5 different color,The unit price is 0.3 USD.
We will ware more and more to fight with the cold winter.Such as:Hats,Gloves,Earmuffs and Scarves.In these two years, Animal Hats become a trend.Whether children or adults need a Animal Hats to keep warm. They will make u cute and fashional.And also, The Animal Hats are so popular amoung the Super Stars.It makes the Animal Hats more ane more popular.
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